Romanian Properties Ltd Helps English-Speaking Community Invest in Romania

The property market in some areas of Romania has been growing at a bullish rate of 25% to 30% p.a. for the last 3 years, fuelled by speculators waiting for healthy capital returns.

The best place to invest in Europe

Romania has proven to be a safe place with high capital appreciation especially in the Bucharest area. Romania is currently undergoing major infrastructural developments which will see further capital growth all over the country. The growth trend is expected to carry on for the next 5 years says Damien Thiery from Romanian Properties Ltd, who adds: Romania joining the EU January 1st 2007 along with the development of tourism on the Black Sea coast and in Transylvania, will prove that Romania in the years to come will have one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. The Super Highway between Constanta and Budapest which will go through Bucharest and Brasov will be a critical element in securing Brasov's role in Eastern Europe on a long-term basis. Not to mention that low cost airlines will soon fly to several cities in Romania lead by Wizz Air who has announced scheduled flights from London Luton to Bucharest in January 2007. British citizens are increasingly purchasing properties in Romania either as investments or holiday homes.

Where to buy in Romania

The scenery in Romania is stunning and unspoilt, the cost of skiing is very low compared to the rest of Europe, the coast is superb and the Romanians are very welcoming. As a pure investment or even as a holiday home or apartment, Brasov in Transylvania offers one of the highest potential returns as its location near the ski resorts, its infrastructural developments (new airport to be completed in 2008, Super Highway), and its lovely traditional town center makes Brasov one of the most sought after locations in Romania. Romania real estate: Romanian Properties Ltd currently offers the opportunity to purchase off-plan apartments in Brasov built to Western-European standards at 900 Euro/sqm. The coast and its sandy beaches will see a high development of tourism from Western Europeans who are only starting discovering the beauties of Romania. The investments in Bucharest (shopping centers, off-plan, resales) started a few years ago, and as such the prices have already gone up in and around Bucharest. The potential, though still substantial, needs to be assessed very carefully. Prices are very cheap in rural areas but you need to be prepared to spend some time and to have renovation expenditures for your property to achieve British standards.

Steps to buying in Romania

Doing your research as well as finding a well-established agent based both in Romania and in the UK are key when purchasing in Romania. No capital gain tax when selling your property 3 years after the purchase of your property makes your investment in Romania worth while. You will need to raise the cash as mortgages are currently not available yet to foreigners. Should you wish to buy a villa or a plot of land, you will need to set up a company which is a very simple process - your estate agent should assist you with it. Purchasing a new or off-plan apartment can be carried out in your name without requiring a company formation.

What's Next

Contact Damien Thiery from Romanian Properties Ltd (0870 224 2142) should you want any advise with regards to your property purchase in Romania.