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  Invest with the Property Return Calculator

Romanian Properties Ltd has developed a brand new tool to help their investors purchase safely their property in Romania.

The Property Return Calculator covers the following aspects of the purchase:

- Legal costs: company set up, assistance during the conveyancing;
- Mortgage costs: front end fees, repayments, early settlement fee;
- Comparison of returns when setting up a company or when purchasing directly the property in the client's name;
- Income taxes and capital gain tax;
- Annual costs to publish the accounts if purchased through a Romanian company
- Expected property ownership duration;
- Currencies: Euro or GBP;
- VAT on the purchase.

Property Return Calculator Output
Example of output of the Property Return Calculator

The Property Return Calculator uses the following parameters:

- Mortgage: APR, period, deposit, administration fee, Early settlement fee
- Monthly net rental yield
- Annual growth of net rental income
- Number of years of expected property ownership
- Personal investment rate
- Expected annual capital growth

Why do I need the Property Return Calculator?

The Property Return Calculator will enable you to invest safely in your property in Romania. Whether the property is new-built or a resale, you will indeed be able to:
- Decide if it is financially viable to set up a company to own your property or to purchase the property in your own name;
- Plan your legal expenses;
- Estimate your capital gain tax based on your exit strategy;
- Assess the impact of getting a mortgage on the return;
- Forecast your return on investment based on your expected annual capital growth;

Example of the Property Return Calculator:

Important note: Romanian Properties Ltd is not regulated by the Financial Service Authority. PRC is provided to our clients for information only. This evaluation is only an estimate of the potential costs and profits during the life of ownership of the evaluated property. We encourage all investors to seek appropriate financial and tax advice from suitably regulated sources.
Disclaimer: Romanian Properties Ltd accept no responsibility or liability for any loss following the use of this evaluation.

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