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Romania: Homes and Villas

Romanian Properties Ltd will help you find the property of your choice in Romania.
Should you purchase a property for investment purposes or to relocate within 6 to 18 months, we strongly advise to purchase an off-plan property.

Advantages of buying a brand-new home

There are many advantages of buying a newly built home. A simple transaction
Less effort
Design for life
Planning changes
New facilities

A simple transaction
The transaction will be between yourself and the homebuilder.
Unlike buying in an open market where a bidding war for one property is common, buying a brand-new home involves fixed house prices.
The price for a property will only change if you ask for any specific building requirements or choose to upgrade features inside the house.

However, lenders will not release mortgage funds until a satisfactory final inspection has been carried out and the buyer's conveyancer has been assured that a full, new-home warranty will be in place on or before legal completion.

Less effort
As well as being energy efficient, brand-new homes are low maintenance.
You won't have to worry about rewiring, plumbing issues or structural problems - only light maintenance is needed to keep them in shape.
If you haven't got the time, budget or inclination for DIY tasks, you might want to consider a brand-new home.

Design for life
A new home doesn't necessarily mean four brick walls and a traditional interior layout.
Developers and housebuilders are embracing modern building methods and materials.
This can result in stunning contemporary homes full of glass, steel and timber.
The demand for open-plan living has allowed architects and designers to be more adventurous when it comes to layout, with an increase in double-height ceilings, mezzanine levels and full-height windows.

Planning changes
The way in which new-build developments have been built has changed.
This planning guideline influences a number of design and layout issues faced by housebuilders.
As a result, new developments are much more community-friendly.
Housebuilders are guided towards building more sympathetic homes that blend in with the existing vernacular, as well as minimising the use of energy, water and other resources.

New facilities
If you buy a brand-new home on a large development or in a brand-new village, you are likely to enjoy a crop of community facilities and amenities.
Housebuilders are building new schools, health centres, churches, doctors' surgeries and playgrounds to cater for the influx of new residents.
In the past, housebuilders have worked with the local council to provide new bus routes and also to preserve and create nature reserves.