Avantgarde: Off-plan Development in Brasov - Transylvania

Avantgarde Development
Overview of the Avantarde Development

Brasov: in the Heart of Transylvania

Location of Brasov in RomaniaBrasov
Centre of BrasovSki in Poiana-Brasov

Brasov, situated in the heart of Transylvania, currently offers the best return on investment in Romania for the following reasons:
+ international airport to be built
+ motorway between Budapest and Bucharest currently being built. The motorway will pass trough Brasov and the industries develop at a high rate in the area.
+ current talks about the development of a golf course.
+ a few minutes from Poiana Brasov, the main ski resort in Romania.
+ 320,000 inhabitants in Brasov enabling to rent the property to either local inhabitants or tourists.

Location of the Avantgarde development

Location of Avantgarde in Brasov   Location of Avantgarde in Brasov

The Avantgarde development is Located on the outskirts of Brasov:
+ Only a few minutes away from Brasov old town and from all facilities (shop, cinemas, sport centre)
+ 15 miles away from Poiana-Brasov, the main ski resort of Romania
+ Views over the mountains

The Buildings

Avantgarde DevelopmentAvantgarde DevelopmentAvantgarde DevelopmentAvantgarde Development

Buying process

Within the purchase of an apartment, there are three types of contracts to sign.

a. Booking contract

The booking contract is concluded when you decide to purchase an apartment. The payment that must be made is 5,000 euro. This payment is considered as an advance of the total amount to be paid and makes sure sure that this apartment can not be promised or sold to anyone else and that the price that you received cannot be changed.

b. Pre-sales contract.

The pre-sales contract must be concluded when the construction of the villa starts. Within this contract, the provisions of the Booking contract, guarantees, delay penalties, obligations and rights of the beneficiary and of the supplier are stipulated. The payment schedule is also include in the contract as follows:
- 15% when the pre-sales contract is concluded, namely when the construction works;
- 5% paid when the construction is finished ("red" stage);
- 80% when the reception report is finished. This payment will grant the absolute ownership right over the apartment.

c. The sales contract.

This is aforementioned contract, it is the authentic deed which, according to the law can only be concluded before a Notary Public. It is the deed that can be concluded when the apartment is fully terminated, act by which the tabulation on the owners name is made.

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