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There are two things you should know about Romania: it is absolutely beautiful with soul and romance and properties in Romania represents outstanding value for money.

On this site, we will explain why you should buy a property in Romania, we also give some general information about Romania, we detail what is the buying process when purchasing Romanian homes when purchasing in Romania and you will find all the financials necessary to take a decision to invest. We also included all the off-plan developments in Romania.

The site also contains all the legal aspects during the buying process provided by lawyers in Romania, monthly news about the Romanian real estate market as well as the step-by-step process in order to get a mortgage in Romania.

Whether you would like a beach flat, a ski property, a hotel, a dream home, an office or even a castle, there is a property for everyone and to suit any budget.

Please note that we offer a high-level of service from sourcing a property to helping during the conveyancing for corporations. We offer all types of properties such as apartments in Romania, off-plan apartments on the off-plan on the Black Sea Coast, Black Sea Coast properties, as well as off-plan apartments in Brasov, a property in Transylvania, off-plan apartments in Bucharest, plots of land all over Romania, villas in Brasov in Transylvania, villa Romania, Romania Homesand we will soon have properties with easy access to play golf in Romania.

To begin with, what you need to know are the range and types of Romanian properties, the sorts of prices and basically what the various regions in Romania have to offer and even why not a property in ski resorts in Romania.

Look at Romanian property websites, publications on Romanian property, television programs and talk to as many people as you can about property in Romania (there are several expat websites). When this starts to whet your appetite, it would be a very good idea to arrange a viewing trip in Romania where you can see various properties and, if you havenít already, experience Romania for yourself.

This is the de facto destination for holidaying, property investment, business, relocation Romania and retirement. The real estate market in Bucharest
is booming so you may want to have some regularly updated news about the economy of Romania, about real estate or see an article by Romanian Properties Ltd.

If you want to buy Romanian Property, you can look at our selection of Romania House, property in Romania as follows: Romania Land, Land in Romania, House for sale in Romania, Romania Apartments or alternatively House in Romania.

Some analysts are predicting that Romania will become a powerful Tiger economy, as Ireland has, within the next several years. It has a strong economic performance: Romania's GDP growth rate is higher than 8%.

Once you have decided what you want to buy and where, find a good, English-speaking or Romania Real Estate Agent to have their views and offers on Real Estate in Romania.

You can do this by speaking to estate agents and establishing a rapport or by speaking to other expats or investors and asking for their recommendations. On top of our portolio of property for sale in Romania, we also offer property management Romania, and you can find information of our property shows.

Among the other type of information we provide, you will find a list of all the airports in Romania, some details about the tourism in Romania, some additional information about our conference in Romania services, a thorough list of all the towns of Romania and finally all the registration plates per county in Romania.

Our website is also in French (Immobilier Roumanie) with information on why Investir en Roumanie, as well as in Spanish (Propiedades Inmobiliarias en Venta en Rumania).

This website is operated by Romanian Properties Ltd, Registered in England and Wales under Company No 06311569. Please do not hesitate to contact Romanian Properties Ltd for any of your property needs in Romania.