Stella Residence - Bucharest property investment

Area: Central Bucharest
Resalable contract: yes
Expected capital growth: 25%
Letting agent: dedicated local agent
Rental yield: 8% pa
Currency: New Lei
Payment schedule:

The Stella Residence is situated in a quiet sector right in the heart of Bucharest and it is surrounded by numerous business centers and administrative buildings.

An intelligent apartment house which offers you the most advanced system of security and comfort, BMS (Building Management System).Due to advanced technology,you will have the absolute control over the vital functions of the apartment:the adjustment of the heat and light,the consume of water,the electric and thermal power,the video surveillance and much more.You can even monitor the apartment from long distance,through the Internet or SMS.

Moreover,the Hi-tech package is included( fiber optics Internet,digital telephony and HDTV ).

Stella - An “intelligent” flat
In a conventional flat ,the individual systems are independently controled ,and their parameters don't affect one another. A building can be named “intelligent” when the control of its systems is centralized ,and the decisions are taken on the basis of the aggregate data.

ITC solutions incorporated in the Stella BMS:

The structured cablation system
CATV services,the data services telephony video surveillance television with closed circuit. Control access system and video intercom.
Automation for HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)
The afferent soft for the BMS system
Some of the facilities offered by the client interface:
1. Telephony :
i. Billing in “real time”(actualization after each dialogue).
ii. Call Barring and Call Divert for the own lines.

2. Digital television (activation/deactivation and the configuration of the facilities):
i. Time-shifting Network
ii. PVR
iii. EPG
iv. Video on Demand (VOD)
v. Pay-per-view
vi. Parental Control

3. ON-LINE Cost Monitoring ( OCM ) :
All indicators ( cold water,hot water,electric energy,etc.) are digital,directly,interconnected,and the application allows the on-line reading of their registred values as well as the estimation of the current invoice for the respective service ( until the end of the month,calculating an average of the metered days ).

4. RCC ( Remote Climate Control )
The temperature on the different zones of the apartment can be remote controled.More than that the desired temperature can be programmed on period of time.The remote client control is possible through the “ client interface “ ( web ) and also by the SMS system.

5. The control over the lighted up circuits.
The user can activate the “ economical “ mode in which the circuits are turned off at the closing of the access door in the apartment from the exterior .In case a consumer has been left opened ,the turn off of the lightining circuits can be remote controled.The video cameras from the entrances and parking spaces can be watched “ live “.

6. The cancellation of the entrance card in case of loss/lifting
In case someone loses his access card ,this can be cancelled directly from the web interface for preventing the unauthorized access in the building.

7. The control over the emited invoice / On-line payment
i. The emited invoices by the administration ( as well as their status / payed off or residual ) can be visualized.
ii. The possiblity of ON-LINE payment of the invoices through the bank card.

8. The ticketing system
The requests towards the administration or the reported of the arisen technical problems is done in ticketing system with priority level according to the type and urgency of the arised problem.



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