Tourism in Romania

Romania offers a multitude of varied landscapes.
The country is very hilly, which gives Romania very beautiful and bucolic landscapes.

Black Sea Coast Resorts

The resorts on the littoral are spreading from the south of Constanta until the Bulgarian border.
These resorts offer long periods of sunlight with an average temperature of 25C during the Summer.
The main resorts on the Black Sea are: Constanta, Costinesti, Eforie, Mamaia, Mangalia, Neptun, Olimp, Saturn, Venus, Vama Veche.

Resorts in Transylvania

The main resorts in Transylvania are: Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Busteni, Borsa.
There are a few other touristy areas in the Romanian mountains: Apuseni, Parng, Retezat'.

The Carphatian mountains are an impressive and beautiful chain of mountains.
Walking around in the lively villages, meeting the locals, trecking in the mountains are activiies you will enjoy when travelling around Transylvania.

The Carphatian mountains are a very green area thanks to the multitude of fir-trees.
It is very steep in the Sinaia, Busteni and Brasov areas. The north of the Carpathian mountains is less abrupt apart from some the Bicaz gorges. The massif offers excellent viewpoints over endless fir-trees forests.

The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a unique are in Europe - declared natural reserve by the UNESCO. Travelling around by bark with locals enables to feel the calm of the area, to see flies of pelicans and to eat excellent fishes.


It is hardly possible to talk about tourism in Romania without mentioning Dracula.
Dracula became famous thanks to Bram Stoker and the dozens of subsequent movies.
Romania is now often associated to vampires, coming from the character Vlad Tepes, prince more famous under the name Dracula.
Towns like Sighisoara or Bran are touristy areas often associated to the myth of Dracula.

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